Electrical metallic products supplier

Hangzhou ANAKO Import and Export Co. is a dedicated supplier of high-quality electrical metallic products. We manufacture a variety of IMC, EMT, and rigid fittings and conduits used for the wiring of everyday home appliances all the way to large industrial wiring operations. All of our products are designed to solve common issues faced in indoor and outdoor wiring situations. We provide customers all over the world with a broad selection of wire fittings, including steel conduits, tubes, and shaped steel components. We are trustworthy production company and have had proven success in the industry. We look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with you!

Featured Products
    1. Electrical Metallic Tube (EMT) Conduit
    2. Electrical Metallic Tube (EMT) Conduit ANAKO electrical metallic tube (EMT) conduit for wiring, can not only protect the wires within, but also satisfy your aesthetic requirements. ANAKO can provide you with various EMT conduit sizes, allowing you to pick the suitable metallic tube to meet your size requirements.
    1. Conduit Fittings EMT Coupling
    2. Conduit Fittings EMT Coupling ANAKO has three different models of EMT couplings for you to meet your application needs for various conditions. These models are EMT set screw couplings, EMT compression type couplings, and EMT to EMT flex compression couplings. All of which are designed to extend the wiring conduits.
    1. Intermediate Metal Conduit, IMC Conduit
    2. Intermediate Metal Conduit, IMC Conduit IMC conduit can be connected with conduit or whorled connector to protect wires. IMC conduit is produced by galvanized steel with great corrosion resistance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Even for outdoor, wires arranged by ANAKO IMC conduit will not be influenced by the weather.
    1. Rigid Conduit Couplings
    2. Rigid Conduit Couplings Rigid coupling provided by ANAKO is equipped with whorls on both sides of the connecting hole, allowing for the connection of two whorled conduits and keep conduits at the same level, providing convenient installation.
    1. Flexible Steel Conduit
    2. Flexible Steel Conduit Flexible electrical conduits are a corrugated hose with an inner core made of galvanized steel, and features a high mechanical strength and durability. The outer surface is a thin PVC layer. PVC is environmentally friendly, and is both waterproof and corrosion resistant, which is extremely important in protecting wires.
    1. Flexible Conduit Connector
    2. Flexible Conduit Connector This specification is made of zinc alloy for die-casting. A double-screw structure is used in this connector, allowing users to connect it to different conduit sizes with the use of a tightening tool. The connection is strong, and installation time is shortened.